5 Affordable LED Grow Lights – Don’t Get Wrong Models!

Are you searching for the best LED grow lights? As the name suggests, LED grow lights are electrical lighting sources that help plants to grow by helping the process of photosynthesis. In normal cases, plants obtain their light from the sun and use it for their different biological processes.

However, it isn’t always possible for the plants to get the right amount of natural light  they need due to various reasons such as presence of canopy and winter. Due to this, there is the need of having LED grow lights.

Here are a few of the top rated LED grow lights models selling at Amazon or Ebay for you:

1. California Light Works Solar Storm 800W LED Grow Light

One of the top rated grow light in the market is the 800W Grow Light from California Light Works. This 800W system gives the grower or owner control over the hue spectrum it emits through the product’s double spectrum switch.

When the light is in “VEG” mode, the system produces high level of blue which is well balanced with red. Another unique feature of 800W grow light is its unique UVB switch for boosting plant potency in the finishing phase.

2. G8LED 600W Mega LED Grow Light

G8LED grow light come with an optimal 8-band plus ultraviolet – 3 watt chips (UV-B) and infrared – best for all types of vegetables and flowers. It has been tested and formulated for ideal hue ratio, useful for the growth of crops.

G8LED 600W Mega LED Grow Light

It uses diodes, power supplies, casings, fans as well as high quality circuit boards. All G8LED grow lights have been rated for over 50,000 hours (15 years of life).

3. TaoTronics® TT-GL05 UFO LED Grow Lights

TaoTronics TT-GL05 UFOTT-GL05 lights, by Tao Tronics, allow you to grow any kind of plant regardless of its stage from seed to flower, from flower to fruits.

Their bodies are made from embossed sheet metals with sleek black powder coat – it is not only solid but also beautiful.

With TT-GL05 grow lights panel, you can expect your crops to quickly and healthy as it combines 628-630nm red, 610-615nm orange and 450-460nm blue lights. Your crops will also be shielded from burning as there are 3 thermostatically controlled fans within the panel above the lights.

4. Sun System® HPS 150 Grow Light Fixture

This light form Sun System delivers a wonderful 16,000 lumens with a hue spectrum that is perfect for growing crops indoors. Its grow light is efficient, uses very little energy and quite silent.

Sun System HPS 150

HPS 150 Grow Light is housed in sheet metal and its’ inner walls are made of highly reflective aluminium. It provides wonderful ventilation to dispel heat and it’s finished in white powder coating.

5. Hydrofarm FLT24 2ft / 4-Tube T5 Commercial System with bulb

Hydrofarm are excellent manufacturer of aquaponic or hydroponic garden tools. T5 commercial light system is built for maximum flexibility, high lumen output as well as high performance in any kind of growing environment.

It has an aluminum powder coated housing which holds four 6400K T5 bulbs that produce twice the light energy of ordinary fluorescent systems. It can be hanged in three different ways, horizontally, vertically and overhead thus making it good for different structure hanging.