Popular LED Grow lights

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  • The advanced Platinum Series DS200 has 300W. Its price is $ 369.00 which includes free shipping and you get to save $ 230.00 (38%). The LED lights offer dual spectrums to provide better growth for your plants. Its distance from the plant is 8-48 inches but in can vary according to the type of the plant.
  • Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar has free shipping . You pay $ 278.95 and save $ 108.00 (28%). It has an All inclusive one year warranty and covers 6 square feet. Its lifespan is about 50,000 hours and has a 3W LED chipset.
  • For a 90W UFO LED grow light, you dish out $ 199.00 plus $ 6.49 for shipping service. It has real infrared (IR) and ultraviolet and red, white, blue and orange colors. Its lifespan is about 50,000 hours and 50/60 Hz for frequency.

LED grow lights

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